Belle of the Night (2023)

    A fun and experimental website showcasing research on dragon fruit to enlighten those unfamiliar with it. The website contains a total of five pages, including the home page, that are discovered depending on the user’s interactions per page.

      Design: Typography, Web Design, UI Design

          Semiotics and Meaning (2020)

          Typographic explorative iterations of well-known tea brands packaging messages and their promises.

            Design: Typography, Instagram-ready design

              Iterations of 10 (2020)

              Explorations of the word “tea” and wht images we have the word.

              Design: Typographic, Illustation, Instagram- ready design

              Nikon Brand Redesign (2021)

              A case study on the brand Nikon and the potential for a rebranding. 

              Design: Brand Identity, Logo Design, Business System

              Trade Gothic Specimen Booklet (2021)

              A booklet outlining a brief history of the typeface Trade Gothic. It showcases the different styles and weights over a series of pages and quotes from the tv series Good Omens.

              Design: Typography, Print Layout, Book Design

              MoMA Music Nights Poster (2021)

              The exploration of type hierarchies and type styles to create a successful poster to promote an event.

              Design: Typography, Poster Design

              Animation Samples

              A set of animations made using digital 2D methods and practical stop-motion.

              Design: Digital 2D Animation, Stop-Motion Animation